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Photography Frank Viergever



The one-man brass band
On every contest they never get further than C-class. Not because they can't play: they can't walk. That is why the members of the brass band have to practice. Most do it at home. One of them practices everywhere: in the street, in the pub, in festivals! Fanatically counting, one step left, one step right, one step forward and one step back. Next year het wants to end in A-class with the whole brass-band.
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The drunk waiter
He hardly waits anymore. He does drink, and talk about his daughter. There must be a reason why he drinks, but you won't notice at a party.
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The shaver
Because Leopold, a brother of Ferdinands, always gets up late, he has to shave on the way to work. All that shines and glistens serves as a shaving mirror. The defect on his razor and the noise it makes, make him shy, especially when everybody is looking.
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The pram
His wife is in France, with a boyfriend. The divorce was to be expected for a while. He was granted custody of the child. Together they try to deal with the loss and work on a new future. The father is L'ex Maes . The child is a recorder in a pram. A top act for eight years now.
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The bachelor
The bachelor is a bachelor out of necessity. Deep within he longs for an affair, but he can't take that. He runs away from every possible contact. Too shy, too clumsy and too scared. Nice to meet him.
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Ferdinand has a shower
He likes to read, that Ferdinand. But only outdoors when it's very hot. Too hot, actually, to read and walk around in a two-piece suit. But Ferdinand is clever; he has a shower which he takes into the street, for himself. People find that odd and that's something he finds strange.
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